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Nothing else keeps me sane as much as writing and nothing else nourishes me as reading. Both have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I used to keep a journal from the age of 9 and then tested the waters working for my school paper and magazine in later years. It was only natural then that I founded a zine and published two books during college. 


When I published my first book, a collection of poetry, I learned an important lesson. People assumed that I could and would only write poems for the rest of my life. I quickly put that fire out with my second book - an erotic romance.


Unfortunately, now people label me as an erotic writer. I don't like to be slotted into one particular genre or niche because it limits my creativity and expression. Upcoming books in the pipeline range from mythology to historical fiction to crime drama and horror. 

I aim to create a body of work that, just like a lighthouse, calls out to people who are lost. Anybody who approaches should be able to find safe harbour here.


For this, I'll keep the light burning.

Love and light,

Reshma Joly


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