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"For anyone who's ever had their heart broken...Salty Blues is sure to resonate with you on a deep level"

~ Sanjana Sudhir

Salty Blues by Reshma Joly

"Very relatable. I just didn't want it to end"

~ Eesha Acharya

"I don't even know where to begin...Salty Blues lulled me to sleep on many restless, heartbroken nights"

~ Madison Cunningham

This Time by Reshma Joly
Four and a half stars out of five

~ @writingbuddha

"...I literally flipped through the last few empty pages hoping to read more"

~ Devika Unnikrishnan

Multi-faceted author Reshma Joly uses books, YouTube, and other mediums to tell human stories on a scale like no other.


From keeping a journal from the age of nine to writing for the school paper to finding a zine in college to publishing two books by the age of twenty, writing is at the heart of everything Reshma.


While "Salty Blues", a collection of illustrated poetry, sought out those who had their hearts broken, "This Time", an erotic romance, was heralded as a deep dive into modern relationships. Upcoming books in the pipeline range from mythology to historical fiction to crime drama and horror.


Some may say niche writing is the best way to grow but her wor(l)ds resist the idea. In a world where we are drowning in content, she aims to build a body of work, a lighthouse if you will, for all those seeking art. 


As featured on The Hindu
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